Reviews crew shoes

Gabor Aken

Samentha Zwetsloot from Oirschot:
“Beautiful Shoes!”

Gabor Trier
Chimene de Graaf from Woerden:
“Very happy with this shoe!”

Gabor Munster
Wia Wijers Jansen from Sneek
Monique Vermeiden from Nieuw-Vennep

Gabor Koblenz
Loes Kroon from Badhoevedorp

Gabor Dohna
Angela de Bruin-Louwerse from Nieuwveen:
“Perfect leather shoes!”

Gabor Jena
Romy van Oort from Waardenburg:
“Finally a shoe dat doesn’t cause painful feet after a long day. They also look good.”

Ara Bari
Fabienne from Eindhoven:
“Perfect crew shoe! Especially if you have small feet. Very soft and comfy foot bed.”

Ara Stanfo
Franceska Lindemann from Andenne:
“Very comfortable shoes. I personally have large feet so I needed to broaden them a bit. Afterwards it is like walking in heaven.”

Ara Verona
“These pumps walk perfectly!”
Monique de Jong from Almere:
“My 2nd pair and I really love them. Perfect for slightly wider feet.”
LL from W:
“Very comfortable shoes!”
Someone from Schiedam:
“Perfect fit. Excellent!”

Ara Turin
Gonny Becker-Francis from Almere
Zeeuws Knopje:
“Perfect fit, I am very happy with these shoes.”


Skypro Gloria
Sylvia Everaart-Doornbos from Steenbergen:
“Lovely shoes and excellent service!”

Skypro Ruth Taylor
Natasja Komduur from Den Oever:
“Perfect shoe, walks easy and has a very nice foot bed. Soft and comfy.”

Skypro Anesia
Rene Doormalen from Vinkeveen:
“Beautiful shoe, elegant and perfect fit.”
Connie from Rotterdam:
“Fine shoes, perfect fit.”

Skypro Mary Meyers
Christel Buitenhuis from Apeldoorn:
“Very comfortable shoe! I can walk on them the entire day, no problem. My feet get the right support at the right places.”

Skypro Amelia
Caro Dal:
“Pretty and nice shoes for walking all day long.”

Paolo Salotto Inez
Maartje van de Spijker from Eindhoven

Paolo Salotto Sandra
Ellen Goumans from Leunen
Anouk de Rooij from Rotterdam
Ashley Crommetuijn from Helmond

Paolo Salotto Kaser
Judith Rengers from Hilversum:
“Excellent. Very soft foot bed. Slightly larger compared to the Sandra.”

Paolo Salotto Dani
Cheyenne Vermeulen from Groesbeek: