Tony Perotti **SALE**

November 28th, 2022

Always wanted to have a genuine leather wallet? This is your chance! At Outdoor & Travel by Paolo Salotto – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – all Tony Perotti wallets are now 25% off.  At Travel Accessories by Paolo Salotto – Muscat International Airport – we also have some great Tony Perotti offers. Visit our store to check them out.

What makes Tony Perotti so special?

Tony Perotti works mostly with Vera Pella tanneries, who are known for their genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather methods. Vera Pella is an esteemed group of tanneries that uses skills and methods passed down from generation to generation. Tony Perotti guarantees the absence of toxic substances, that are harmful not only to people but also to the environment. Besides, animals destined to the food industry are almost exclusively the source of hides used for tanning. No animal is killed just for its skin. 

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