Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System

September 6th, 2018

Clothes, toiletries, laptops, phones, digital cameras, charging cables, jackets, guide books and so much more.
It all needs to fit into one bag! Eagle Creek offers the perfect solution: the revolutionary Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It System is a simple system that eliminates several of the most common packing challenge. With smartly designed sacks, cubes and folders that divide your stuff into cleanly arranged sections within your larger luggage bags, the system makes it easier for you to find what you need and helps to compress your items so you can fit more in your bags.

The system helps to fit more stuff in less space with fewer wrinkles, separate dirty from clean, and generally bring organization to your bags and luggage.
There are many ways to mix and match within this system.

Quick Trip

When you just need to grab the essential toiletries and get out the door, this small toiletry bag is the perfect size.

Clean Dirty Cube

Not only does it keep your luggage organized, but it also packs clean clothes on one side, and dirty on the other. Super-durable and water-repellent, these washable ultra-light packing organizers are ultra-light, ultra-innovative and ultra-functional.

On Board

Ultra-light toiletry kit with a ton of organizer pockets and swivel hook for easy hanging and quick access.

Compression Cube

Organize your clothes in your travel bag, while also providing clothing compression so that you can bring more with you.

Available at Outdoor & Travel by Paolo Salotto Schiphol Plaza and Travel Accessories by Paolo Salotto Oman.

Source: eaglecreek.com