How’s life on the Dutch Antilles?

September 29th, 2016

By the end of 2015 Paolo Salotto opened its doors at HATO International Airport Curacao. We manage this Outdoor & Travel shop in cooperation with Seal & Go. It’s the first complete Seal & Travel shop in the world.

Samsonite, Go Travel, Princess and more…

Together with Seal & Go we offer a complete range of travel, safety and comfort products. You will find beautiful Samsonite, Princess, Paolo Salotto, American Tourister, Verage and Line suitcases and bags, various Fabrizio toiletry bags and PUNTA bags. We also sell a complete range of Go Travel products. The shop is located in front of the airport terminal building and accessible for everyone.

Let’s talk about the weather

Paolo Salotto is very experienced when it comes to selling retail products on an airport. But when it comes to the weather, the Dutch Antilles is very different from The Netherlands. That is why we sell different kind of products. You won’t find umbrellas in this shop, but you definitely will find sunglasses, flip-flops and exotic-printed bags. After the first 9 months we can say, we absolutely enjoy doing business on the island!