Discontinuation Crewshoes.nl

October 26th, 2017

Maybe you already noticed that our online shop Crewshoes.nl isn’t as lively as it was before. We also do not promote the website at Facebook anymore.
Reason for this is that we have decided to close our online shop Crewshoes.nl.

In this digital modern world this may seem like an on-logical choice. Yet this has been a very well considered decision. We would like to explain ourselves…

We want to focus on where we’re good at: face-to-face sales at airports. A comfort fit is very important when it comes to uniform shoes. Online, we receive too often orders for the wrong sizes. In our shop at Schiphol Plaza we have specialists who can help out and advise customers. Due to this, we have noticed that our customers prefer buying shoes in store. After almost 4 years the online shop has showed some growth, but to be honest: we expected more of it. All together we can say that we support the purchases in our physical store more than online. And that’s not fair to our customers.

Paolo Salotto delivery service
At Shoes by Paolo Salotto we offer a brand-new order service in store. Is your size not available in store right now? Just order and pay in store and we will send it over to your home address.

Crewshoes.nl will be online until 1 November 2017.