REVIEW – Gabor Frankfürt

October 10th, 2017

Paolo Salotto Shoes offers a special range of uniform shoes. Due to the fact that our shop is situated at the airport, our main customers for uniform shoes are flight attendants. One of the brands within our uniform shoe range is Gabor. Stewardess Inge Molenaar tested the Gabor Frankfürt for us.

“For me, a pair of comfortable uniform shoes is one of the most important parts of my uniform. During busy flights, you have to walk a back and forth in the aisle. Searching the perfect board shoes is very personal, you have to try them on and test them out.

Hot topic
Board shoes are a hot topic on board. Gabor is a popular brand for stewardesses. Lots of my colleagues absolutely love Gabor. Therefore I was very curious for this shoe. Now I can say I am also a fan!

Just perfect
The soft foot bed and the cushion underneath the heel both feel very comfortable. I can walk for hours on these shoes. The soft lamb leather is flexible and very wearable. The shoes are specially made according Gabor’ Sacchetto, a special developed way of manufacturing. Due to this, some extra walking back and forth in the plane is no problem anymore! The heel height is also perfect for me. I love a small heel, so the 4.5 cm heel is jus perfect. The Gabor Frankfürt is available in both black and blue.

Stop searching!
So please stop searching and try a Gabor. I can really recommend this shoe to anyone who likes to fly stylish and comfortable.”

Tested by: Inge Molenaar, Stewardess

The Gabor Frankfürt is available at Shoes by Paolo Salotto – Schiphol Plaza.